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The Purple Goat

Established in 2016 and opened for service in 2017, The Purple Goat is Family owned and operated by VW, Cynthia & V. Stephens. The family first took to the restaurant industry in 1994 when they established The Agave Bar & Grill and City Limits.  From there the love that the family has for the community has blossomed into many additions to the Agave and has now spurred the opening of The Purple Goat.  Why "The Purple Goat" you may ask?  As simply stated from VW - "The community needs something new, something different...something exciting.  We are going to be all of those things and more!" 

Cynthia  :  The creator of all things culinary and the woman that teaches us how to do everything with love. She is our Mom.

VW : The mind that is never stagnant and the man that shows us how a customer becomes family once they walk in our doors. 

V. : Our Reason Why